Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 36 (2011)

Seth Monohan, Matt Baileyshea, Editors
Joseph Kraus, Reviews Editor
Peter Franck Reaching Over and Its Interaction with Invertible counterpoint at the Tenth, pp. 1–33
Jason Hooper Heinrich Schenker's Early Conception of Form, 1895–1914, pp. 35–64
2010 Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award
Stanley V. Kleppinger Reconsidering Pitch Centricity, pp. 65–109
Daphne Leong Generalizing Syncopation: Contour, Duration, and Weight, pp. 111–50
Brendan McConville A"Simple Composition" of Charles Wuorinen: Isomorphism, Self-Similarity, and Nesting in Cello Variation, pp. 151–77
Mark Richards Viennese Classicism and the Sentence Idea: Broadening the Sentence Paradigm, pp. 179–224
Paul Moravitz Sherrill Robert O. Gjerdingen, Music in the Galant Style (New York: Oxford University Press, 2007), pp. 225–35