Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 33 (2008)

Dave Headlam, Philip Stoecker, Editors
Joseph Kraus, Reviews Editor

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Dave Headlam Introduction, pp. 1–47
Personal Statements  
Paul Lansky Lessons with George Perle, pp. 49–52
Douglas Jarman pp. 53–54
Elliott Antokoletz George Perle: Man, Composer, and Theorist, pp. 55–63
Steven L. Rosenhaus An Introduction to George Perle, pp. 65–71
  Q & A: Violin Concerto by Steven L. Rosenhaus; Interview by Dave Headlam, pp. 73–80
Elliott Carter p. 81
Leonard Bernstein

p. 83

William Bolcolm p. 85
Henri Dutilleux For George Perle, pp. 88–89
Patricia Spencer pp. 91–92
Steve Dibner pp. 93–94
William Theophilus Brown p. 95
Daniel Gustin p. 97
Bethany Beardslee p. 99
Leon Botstein On George Perle, pp. 101–02
David Pitt pp. 103–06
Edward Smaldone and Bruce Saylor George Perle: The Man and the Musician, p. 107
Charles E. Porter Happy Birthday to George Perle on his 90th, pp. 111–12
Steven L. Rosenhaus Etude for George Perle, pp. 113–14
Bruce Saylor Bells: In Honor of George Perle, pp. 115–17
Elliott Antokoletz From Bartók to Perle: A New Concept of Tonality and Means of Progressions as Shown in No. 5 of George Perle's Thirteen Dickinson Songs, pp. 121–37
Charles E. Porter Interval Cycles and Unisons in George Perle's Sonata a Quattro, pp. 139–52
Mark DeVoto and George Perle George Perle on the Subtleties of Inversional Complementarily: A Note by Mark DeVoto and George Perle, pp. 153–57
Philip Stoecker "Composing with Symmetries": Perle's First Bagatelle for Solo Piano, pp. 159–70
Gretchen C. Foley and Susan Levine Choreographing Perle: An Inter-Disciplinary interpretation of Perle's String Quartet No. 5, pp. 171–80
Michael Callahan Mapping Sum-and-Difference Space: Parallels Between Perle and Lewin, pp. 181–217
David Schober Practical Methods for Identifying Perle Arrays, pp. 219–32
Christopher Winders Toward a Structural Ordering Within George Perle's Twelve-Tone Tonality, pp. 233–47
Patricia Hall Berg's Büchner Text and the Genesis of Form, pp. 249–71
Vasili Byros Competing "Windows of Order": The Dialectics of System-Construction and Withdrawal in Berg's Sonata for Piano, Op. 1, pp. 273–328
2006 Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award
Benjamin Wadsworth

A Model of Dialectical Process in Berg's Opus 1 Piano Sonata, pp. 329–56

George Perle Improvisation, pp. 359–362
Contributors pp. 363–64