Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 30 (2005)

Philip Stoecker, Editor
Wayne Petty, Reviews Editor

Janna K. Saslaw and James P. Walsh Patricia Carpenter: A Commemoration, pp. 1–4
Patricia Carpenter The Piano Music of Arnold Schoenberg, pp. 5–34
  Schoenberg's Tonal Body, pp. 35–68
Murray Dineen The Tonal Problem as a Method of Analysis. In memoriam Patricia Carpenter, pp. 69–96
  Tonal Problem, Carpenter Narrative, and Carpenter motive in Schubert's Impromptu, op. 90, no. 3. In memoriam Patricia Carpenter, pp. 97–120
Eric McKee On the Death of Mahler: Schoenberg's op. 19, no. 6, pp. 121–52
Laurel Parsons Time Management with "Twelve-Tone Lizzie": Dramatic Functions of Meter in a Scene from Elisabeth Lutyens's Music Drama The Numbered, pp. 153–84