Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 26 (2001)

Mark Anson-Cartwright, Editor

Carl Schachter Elephants, Crocodiles, and Beethoven: Schenker's Politics and the Pedagogy of Schenkerian Analysis, pp. 1–20
David Carson Berry Gambling with Chromaticism? Extra-Diatonic Melodic Expression in the Songs of Irving Berlin, pp. 21–86
Eric Wen Stripped of the G String: Bach's Air from the Suite No. 3 in D, pp. 87–98
Don Traut Displacement and its Role in Schenkerian Theory, pp. 99–116
2001 MTSNYS Emerging Scholar Award
Karl Braunschweig Joel Lester, Bach's Works for Solo Violin: Style, Structure, Performance (New York and Oxford: Oxford U. Press, 1999) and
Laurence Dreyfus, Bach and the Patterns of Invention (Cambridge, Mass. and London: Harvard U. Press, 1996), pp. 117–40
 John Rothgeb Robert Snarrenberg, Schenker's Interpretive Practice (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge U. Press, 1997), pp. 141–51