Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 25 (2000)

Mark Anson-Cartwright, Editor

Joseph Brumbeloe Patterns and Performance Choices in Selected Perpetual-Motion Movements of J. S. Bach, pp. 1–26
Ted Conner Cherubino Rediscovered: Text, Music, and Narrative in Mozart's Trio, pp. 27–64
Stephen Slottow Fifths and Semitones: A Ruggles Compositional Model and Its Unfoldings, pp. 65–86
2000 MTSNYS Emerging Scholar Award
Donald G. Traut Revisiting Stravinsky's Concerto, pp. 65–86
Chandler Carter The Case for Stravinskian Modernism: Jonathan Cross. The Stravinsky Legacy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998), pp. 105–25