Theory and Practice
Index to Volumes 22–23 (1997–98)

Taylor Greer, Editor

Lawrence M. Zbikowski Des Herzraums Abschied: Mark Johnson's Theory of Embodied Knowledge and Music Theory, pp. 1–16
Janna K. Saslaw Life Forces: Conceptual Structures in Schenker's Free Composition and Schoenberg's The Musical Idea, pp. 17–34
Candace Brower  Pathway, Blockage, and Containment in Density 21.5, pp. 35–54
Steve Larson Musical Forces and Melodic Patterns, pp. 55–72
Andrew Mead Shedding Scales: Understanding Intervals in Different Musical Contexts, pp. 73–94
Mark L. Johnson Embodied Musical Meaning, pp. 95–102
Matthew Santa Chordal Tone Centers in Stravinsky's Neoclassic Music, pp. 103–22
1998 MTSNYS Young Scholar Award winner
Dora A. Hanninen  Andrew Mead, An Introduction to the Music of Milton Babbitt (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994), pp. 123–46
Daniel Harrison  First Thoughts about the Second Practice.
The Second Practice of Nineteenth-Century Tonality, Edited by William Kinderman and Harald Krebs (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1996), pp. 147–62