Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 20 (1995)

Philip Lambert, Editor

David Løberg Code ¦ [not equal]: Feminism, Tuning, and Theory Pedagogy, pp. 1–12
Edward Gollin Transformational Techniques in Bartók's Etude Op. 18, No. 2, pp. 13–30
Dora A. Haninen The Variety of Order Relations in Webern's Music: Studies of Passages from the Quartet Op. 22 and the Variations Op. 30, pp. 31–56
Tiina Koivisto Musical Continuities in Schoenberg's Variations for Orchestra Op. 30, pp. 57–90
Elizabeth West Marvin and Robert W. Wason On Preparing Anton Webern's Early Songs for Performance: A Collaborators' Dialogue, pp. 91–124
Cynthia Pace Accent on Form-Against-Form: Ruth Crawford's Piano Study in Mixed Accents, pp. 125–48
Naphtali Wagner No Crossing Branches? The Overlapping Technique in Schenkerian Analysis, pp. 149–76
Richard Kurth Schoenberg's Notes on "Coherence": Theory or Prolegomena to the Twelve-Tone Method?, pp. 177–92
Dave Headlam David Epstein, Shaping Time: Music, The Brain, and Performance (New York: Schirmer Books, 1995), pp. 193–204