Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 16 (1991)

Severine Neff, Editor

Hedi Siegel The Making of Theory and Practice: Looking Back at Volumes 1–15, pp. 1–4
Carl Schachter The Adventures of an F#: Tonal Narration and Exhortation in Donna Anna's First-Act Recitative and Aria, pp. 5–20
Charles Burkhart How Rhythm Tells The Story in Là ci darem la mano, pp. 21–38
Eytan Agmon A Moment of Suspence in the Second Finale of Don Giovanni, pp. 39–50
John L. Snyder Schenker and the First Movement of Mozart's Sonata, K. 545: An Uninterrupted Sonata-Form Movement, pp. 51–78
Norman L. Wick Transformations of Middleground Hypermeasures in Selected Mozart Keyboard Sonatas, pp. 79–102
Walter Everett Voice Leading, Register, and Self-Discipline in Mozart's Die Zauberflöte, pp. 103–26
Taylor Greer Modal Sensibility in Gabriel Fauré's Harmonic Language, pp. 127–42
Nadine Hubbs Schenker's Organicism, pp. 143–62
David P. Goldman A New Look at Zarlino's Theory and Its Effect on His Counterpoint Doctrine, pp. 163–78
Michèle Fromson Cadential Structure in the Mid-Sixteenth Century: The Analytic Approaches of Bernhard Meier and Karol Berger Compared, pp. 179–214
L. Poundie Burstein The Book of The Musical Artwork: An Interpretation of the Musical Theories of Heinrich Schenker by Felix-Eberhard von Cube, trans., with afterword, by David Neumeyer, George R. Bpyd, and Scott Harris (Lewiston/Queenston: The Edward Mellon Press, 1988), pp. 215–19