Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 10 (1985)

Channan Willner, Editor

Channan Willner Forward, pp. 3–5
Obituary from New York Times The Late Heinrich Schenker, p. 7
Arthur Plettner Heinrich Schenker's Contribution to Theory (1936), pp. 9–14
Israel Citkowitz The Role of Heinrich Schenker (1933), pp. 15–22
Frank Knight Dale Heinrich Schenker and Musical Form (1943), pp. 23–24
Hans Weisse The Music Teacher's Dilemma (1935), pp. 25–48
William J. Mitchell Heinrich Schenker's Approach to Detail (1946), pp. 49–62
Arthur Waldeck and Nathan Broder Musical Analysis as Expounded by Heinrich Schenker (1935), pp. 63–74
Adele T. Katz Heinrich Schenker's Method of Analysis (1935), pp. 75–95